To outsiders, the thought of living and working in the Los Angeles region conjures up images of glitz, glamour, and excitement. For those faced with the reality of the commute, however, the picture takes on a decidedly duller glow — likely caused by all that smog. Still, some area neighborhoods are more convenient than others when it comes to the daily round-trip — which averages just under 30 minutes one way.



As a resident of Corona, California, I know firsthand just how wonderful it can be. Within easy reach of expansive hiking trails and vibrant LA shopping, Corona truly does offer the best of both worlds. The area is perfect for young professionals who want easy access to the city without losing the space and peace their families need to thrive.


Historic Core

Commuters from this hip neighborhood have the shortest average commuting times to the city, at barely 23 minutes each way. As a bonus, the Historic Core is one of the most vibrant, up-and-coming spots in the area, offering beautiful parks, historical architecture, a trendy bar and restaurant scene, and the lively Broadway Theater District.


Santa Monica

Residents of Santa Monica already know that the relatively brief commute (less than 25 minutes on average) isn’t the main reason why you should consider calling this charming town home — in fact, it isn’t even in the top three. But the time saved spent behind the wheel means more time to enjoy the gorgeous beaches, endless entertainment, and of course, the world-famous Santa Monica Pier (featured in dozens of movies and television shows that were churned out right here in Tinseltown).


San Marino

Looking for top-notch recreational opportunities to go along with that short (averaging about 24 minutes) ride to work? Look no further than San Marino, home to both Huntington Desert Garden and Arroyo Seco Parkway. Spend weekends exploring the natural splendor of these area attractions, and don’t forget to stop in at Huntington Library to check out the latest exhibits.



What could be better than a 25-minute commute? A 25-minute commute from Brentwood, one of the safest and most family-oriented suburbs of Los Angeles. With its top-rated school systems, accessible and skilled police force, and myriad of parks and walking trails, Brentwood is the top choice for anyone who has young children or is planning to start a family.


Bear in mind that while the above communities represent some of the shortest commutes to LA, even residents of far-flung Topanga have travel times of only 8 or so minutes above the city average. So no matter how long the drive may seem, it’s well worth it for the privilege of living and working in such a rich and culturally diverse environment.