Who doesn’t love summer? The warmer months are ideal for putting aside the hustle and grind of everyday life and embracing new interests. Opportunities for community engagement abound in every farmer’s market and community gathering; why not take advantage? Build new bonds with your neighbors, and strengthen those you already have with your friends this summer! It will be good for your community – and even better for you.


Those who cultivate strong relationships within their communities are able to develop a greater sense of empowerment and control. However, many people – especially those new to town – find it difficult to build these relationships. Taking the initial step towards connection can be hard; some do not feel that they can actually contribute anything to make a significant impact, while others do not have reliable transportation. These barriers, whether material or emotional, can foster feelings of isolation and helplessness.


Fortunately, possibilities for community involvement abound, as opportunities to volunteer can be readily found via any local nonprofit organization. Community service is a practical and effective way to connect with people; participation in nonprofit has the additional benefits of boosting a volunteer’s self-confidence and alleviating loneliness. Giving time to support a favorite cause confirms a sense of purpose.


Community service:


Strengthens the Community

Volunteers make it possible for agencies to serve the community for little or no cost. Volunteers extend the reach of organizations that exist to meet important needs of citizens locally, nationally or globally.


Develops Friendships and Social Networks

Volunteering is an avenue to meet people outside of one’s circle of acquaintances. Investing time and energy in others yields invaluable returns of rich relationships. Community service connects willing hearts with those in need of empathy and support. Volunteering also increases opportunities to make networking contacts.


Helps People Grow

Community service provides a chance to learn, cultivate or teach skills, be active, pay kindness forward, and gain valuable life experiences. Volunteering is a public demonstration of care and support for the community. Giving your time and energies may even inspire others to contribute to causes they care about!


To maximize their time, effort, and potential impact, volunteers should assess their reasons for volunteering, interests, skills, available time, and transportation capabilities.


Libraries, museums, children’s services, community gardens, and religious institutions are great places to start helping the community. Boost your self-confidence, win new friends, and make a difference by contributing to your community this summer!