Mountains, rivers, trails, and beaches – what more could a person ask for? In California, explorers of every variation can pursue their environmental passions, regardless of whether their interests lie in spelunking, snorkeling, surfing, or hiking. The state’s warm and consistent climate allows residents to enjoy outdoor activities in every season, rather than confining adventures to spring and summertime months. I myself live in Corona, California and frequently take weekend trips to nearby trails and rivers with my family – and if we feel like it, we can even drive a half hour to the coast and enjoy a day on the beach! In this blog, I list just a few of the great water sports that residents and tourists alike can and should try during their time in California.



Who doesn’t like to get their adrenaline pumping now and again? Kiteboarding is an intense workout that combines the thrill of surfing with the tricks of wakeboarding. For the best experience, visitors should consider seasonal weather patterns and regional quirks before deciding on a place to kiteboard. That said, Alamada Crown Beach is well-known as a kiteboarding hub for beginners.



Is there any sport more Californian than surfing? The tricks of staying vertical might take a little time to pick up, but after a little practice, surfing becomes an exhilarating activity that will enthrall any beach-lover. Beginners should check out Hermosa Beach and Seal Beach for laid-back swells, while more experienced surfers should consider heading to Topanga or Venice Beach for faster waves.



The shoreline bustle isn’t for everyone. Those searching for a more laid-back outdoor experience should consider taking up kayaking for an afternoon. The options for paddlers abound; kayaks can either be taken along the coastline or into one of California’s many winding rivers. Those near Los Angeles can take a day trip out to the Channel Islands and spend a few hours paddling along the coast for wildlife spotting and lovely views of the area’s natural rock formations.


Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Don’t like being confined in a kayak seat? Not a problem! Stand-up paddleboarding allows maritime visitors the freedom to stand unencumbered as they paddle. This sport is often taken up along calm lakes and flat bays; Santa Barbara Harbor is one of the most popular destinations for beginners, and more experienced paddlers often opt to visit Coronado Island.



Not every moment on the beach needs to be an active one! Taking time to sit back and unwind on the sunny shore can be the best way to while away a relaxing day.